Hopes for 2021

Noccalula Falls (Gadsden, Alabama)

I hope you’re able to find peace in the quiet moments. When you’re making your first cup of coffee in the morning, staring out the window while washing dishes, or getting ready for bed. There are moments in life where we’ll feel exhilarated. Sometimes we’ll feel really sad, and sometimes we’ll distract ourselves from our feelings. But it’s in the quiet moments where we need to be able to find peace and contentment. Meditation has helped me with this so much.

I hope you’re able to go easy on yourself. Living a simple, happy life is okay. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to constantly be achieving and improving. You can just exist sometimes. I’m not saying to throw all your goals and ambitions out the window, but rather to experiment with finding a balance. I hope the world doesn’t pass you by because you’re so tangled up inside your head trying to change yourself. Listen to your body, and rest when you need it.

I hope you’re able to take life a little less seriously. Controlling the world around you isn’t realistic. Becoming more comfortable with being yourself is such a game changer. Do more things that make you happy (and really take a look at where your time goes; “am I actually doing this because I enjoy it or is it just a distraction?”). Get more comfortable looking goofy in public. The people that mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind.

I hope you’re able to practice mindfulness. Our minds can run on auto-pilot endlessly, jumping from thought to thought — to the point where we’re constantly lost in our own heads. Take a deep breath and look at the room around you. What do you see? What do you hear? How does your body feel right now? Are certain spots tight or clenched? Take a deep breath and just observe what’s happening around you; the world is a cool place. We’re so lucky to be here.

I hope you’re able to persevere through the hard times. We’ve had so much loss already, and there’s more to come. There will always be more to come, because all things eventually come to an end. This doesn’t mean to freeze in terror at the thought of losing your comforts or things you love. Rather, do your best to focus on the present moment, and — when you do find yourself in a moment of loss — let yourself feel it fully. Make space to be sad. Take the time you need, then find a way to adapt to change. Change is the only constant. In this moment, right now, you’re safe; focus on the present. The past is just a bunch of memories in your head, and the future is just thoughts in your head of things you think will happen. You have survived 100% of your toughest days.

I hope you’re able to talk more about your feelings with others. Tell people you love them and appreciate them. Give more compliments. Talk about the things you love and share your excitement with others. Express yourself! There is no one quite like you that has ever existed. You are so unique, with your mix of strengths and flaws and experiences. Let others know who you are.

I hope you’re able to have compassion. Compassion for others when they’re unkind — the way they treat others is a reflection of their own issues. Compassion for friends and family when they are having bad days and could use a shoulder to cry on. But — most importantly — compassion for yourself. Set boundaries that prioritize your happiness and security. Place distance between yourself and people that don’t make you feel your best. Stand up for yourself. You deserve love and respect exactly as you are.

I hope you’re able to live your best life and have a wonderful 2021. Stay curious and keep your heart open. There are more adventures to be had!



Operations leader, mindfulness fan, and a big creative.

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